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So This Is What Its Like.. [entries|friends|calendar]






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9.29.06 - 8.15pm
[ mood | drained ]

Oh my.
I haven't been on lj in forever
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I missed lj.

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9.10.06 - 2.49pm
[ mood | blank ]

Alot has happened..
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I'm probably over stressing or something.
Who knows.
I got my first 100 in any math class last week, and I'm pretty proud of myself.
Get Toon Town! It's Fun!

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8.28.06 - 3.03pm
[ mood | drained ]

Oh jeez.
Where do I start?
Well, School started up again today...
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8.13.06 - 4.28pm
[ mood | blah ]

Well, last night was interesting.
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8.10.06 - 4.56pm
[ mood | crazy ]

My friend Katy took me riding today.
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I have, no idea what that is from. I found it on the coffee table..

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8.9.06 - 9.32pm
[ mood | bouncy ]

I just got back a few days ago.
I was in West Virginia for a month.
No family, no one I know, no technology, just the wilderness.
It was so much fun.
I feel really happy, happier than I've ever been.
But it feels weird being home,
I got so used to my schedule there,
And here I can do anything, anytime..
It's weird.

I started writing again.
So far, I've written two songs so far, and am working on a short story.
Maybe I'll put bits and pieces of them up here someday..?

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7.2.06 - 10.32pm
[ mood | tired ]

Right now I feel like A small child.
Like, a baby who's attention was stolen away, and now can only think about getting revenge against the perpitraitor.
And, being different from that baby in the way I don't crap my pants every three seconds, I can actually get exactly what I want, but with consequences.
This is one of those times, where I can feel the anger, but the consience screaming at me not to do anything.
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6.27.06 - 10.50pm
[ mood | cranky ]

I finally see the way things work.
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6.26.06 - 2.29am
[ mood | FREEZING ]

I'm a singer/songwriter.
That is probably the most important thing I can tell you about me at this moment in time.
I've been invited...well sort of, to join a friend's band as their vocalist.
And they have an appointment in a recording studio in early september, as it was booked until then.
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6.24.06 - 11.36pm
[ mood | blah ]

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6.24.06 - 11.11pm
[ mood | sungalssers :D ]

I went to bed at 5:47 am this morning.
I woke up at 11:56 am this morning.
I got Janine (the pyscho path) up at 12.
We IMed KT and she got a ride over here.
We hung around for awhile and then went out to the mall.
Arundel Mills.
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6.24.06 - 5.34am
[ mood | tired ]

deadpurpleturtle (5:28:39 AM): hey
Haha you don't get his screen name! hahah! its connor.(5:29:35 AM): Hey thing

I'm a...thing to him now?
How the hell am I a thing?
Possibly a thing as a noun, a person, place or thing.
But.."Hey thing"
He confuses the hell out of me.
And I don't know why.

Janine's over. She's asleep on the couch and will be passed out for the next 14 hours.
That's what you get for not being able to handle sleep deprivation.


what is that supposed to mean?
Is there some hidden message inside of it or something?

We're going to Arundel Mills Tomorrow.
And we're taking my camera.
Ok nevermind she's up.
For...what, 45 seconds before she drops a--
She's out.
I don't know.
We're gonna get hairdye for two reasons.
1) my roots are grown in and it looks terrible.
2) her hair is natural and it makes me upset so I'm dying it.


Ugh. Whatever.
I don't care.
I'm just a..thing.
Or...thing 1 and thing 2 from the cat in the hat?
Is he referring thing from the movies and books.
Which could internally mean he's calling me a kid, or immature.
Or, he could just be trying something.
Instead of our usual:
Me: hey
Him: Hey
Me: What's up?
Him: Not too much today.
Me: Yeah, tell me about it.
Him: Yeah.

Which, is great.

Janine and me snuck out and walked to seven-eleven.
We got candy and mountain dew.
And we walked back, and I flipped out.
There was a taxi cab driving past.
And I screamed and thought it was the cops or something.
I mean, we weren't doing anything illegal.
But, we were walking around in a private neighborhood, at two thirty in the morning.
With a seven eleven bag.
And two bottles of mountain dew.
That someone could take as alcohol.
And the bag the way I was holding it could look like drugs...
It wasn't.
And then on our way back.
A guy and this girl were sitting on the steps on the far right side of the elementary school.
And I looked over cause I heard voices.
Which, is the most polite greeting I've ever recieved from a guy at two thiry or so in the morning.
But then, it would be, the only.
She was up for a little bit longer,
but went back to sleep just now.
Why are most people unable to stay up?
I can go days without sleep,
except, on the third or fourth day, I drop somewhere and don't wake up for a day.
But, then again, that's only me.

"Hey thing"

That's NOT getting out of my head easily.

Janine's up and wants me to mention her party.
she also says I'm a "random blogger, you"
Which, is great, considering she's half dead.
No, she's having a birthday party at her house.
On...the seventh.
Which, is in....13 days, yeah?
Which means..
I leave for job training and summer camp [one thing combined]
15 days.
I don't want to leave.
The past 4 years I've been going,
I haven't had nearly as many of the amazing people in my life as I do now.
And I don't want to leave them.
If you want to write to me or something, which would be amazing even if you have no idea who I am,
I could try finding out my address there.
Its in Silverspring West Virginia.
Camp Rim Rock.
Oh jeez.
The worst part about going away to camp for four weeks without parents or home friends?
there's a boys camp down the road a bit.
I don't know.
We'll have to see.


When we go to the mall tomorrow, It has pictures written ALL over it.
And I mean it.
I only keep the ones I like anyways.
So there won't be that many.

Since this journal is new.
I'm guessing I should tell whoever reads this [if anyone does]
about the weirdo writing it..

I'm Jenna.
I like being called Jennaboo, though.
I have a Mom, a Dad, and three sisters.
I have a dog, her name is Cow, she's a 10 year old pure bred papillon.
And she's amazingly hyper despite her age.
I'm 5'6"
I dye my hair.
I wear makeup.
I don't like attention,
but yet, I love it.
Do you understand what I mean?
I am pretty smart I guess..but mostof the time I'm joking around and it probably comes off as I'm on drugs, which I'm not.
I'm generally a happy person I guess,
I just tend to think alot [sometimes]
And it makes me moody.
I've never broken a bone.
I've gotten my tongue stuck to a pole before.
I talk to everyone and treat them all the same.
Sort of.
I can't draw anything but horses.
Well, maybe stick figures, and cats.
And kindergarten-kid drawings and fingerpainting.
But, you have to admit, everyone loves a kindergarten-kid artist.
I'm not old, but I'm not young.
I'm a teenager. That's all you need to know.
I live in Maryland.
But I wish I was in California or Montana.
California because its amazing.
The diversity of it all,
crammed in to one state that many scientists believe will fall off the continent.
Montana because, it has always been my dream to go there.
I have no idea why.
I'm fascinated by just about everything.
My life, my friends, strangers, the world, everything.
I think about possibilities of everything.
Say, for example,
You go to bed one night as the sun sets [why anyone would go to bed so rediculously early is beyond me]
And when you wake up, its dark. Everywhere, overwhelmingly dark.
You grab for your alarm clock and can barely make out the faded numbers.
It's nine fifteen in the morning.
One, you've overslept.
Two, where the hell is the sun?
What would we do without it?
Many people seem to think the world would end without gas and oil.
But, what about the sun?
The cheapest form of entertainment, light and heat?
If it were to just POOF go out in an instant.
All would end.
I know, shutup.
I say that alot.
I say alot of things frequently actually.
For expample "Hey Sup." "Uhm..yeah..sure" "...'kay" "cuteeeeee"
Are four.
I'm cherokee, spanish, french, german, british, irish, romanian, chinese, australian, canadian, and just a little lithuanian I think.
There's more.
I am a true american, according to my father, who believes he knows everything.
Because, I'm a true mutt.
I'm really weird.
One day, I could be nothing but continous bursts of laughter and unable to form sentences, and the next, I could be dead quiet, watching everything pass me by.
I have a spot.
At the elementary school that lies across the street from the house cardboard box I live in.
It's on the second feild, on the farthest corner before the nature trail.
Past the sledding hill and the little kid playground.
About..1/10 a mile from the home plate of the top most baseball diamond.
Is a little, tiny hill.
It is covered in bright green grass.
There aren't any rocks.
Or any bugs.
It sits contently by itself.
With the knowledge that it,
Has the best view of everything.
I sit on that hill every now and then.
And just look.
Its amazing.
I've seen, learned alongside, and have experienced everything surrounding it.
But you never truly see something.
Until you look at it from a different way then you usually would.
Music is one of the biggest parts of my life.
I sing, and I play guitar and I'm learning on the piano.
I'm a decent vocalist.
I can scream, at least there's that.
But then, most people have the ability.
And most people.
Never tap it to experiment.
That truly bothers me.
If you go through in your mind.
And tell yourself "I'm going to be a ballerina"
When you can't even dance.
And your true talent, is sculpting.
You will go through life,
Trying to be something you're just not cut out to be.
And you will never take a second glance at the alternative.
Which sits resting in the back of your mind, waiting for the slightest chance to show you how amazing you truly could be.
But most people.
Almost all people.
Never find what they feel they're looking for.
An empty pit, deep, deep inside them.
That aches them, and taunts them.
Nagging them about their insecurities.
Trying to fill itself.
Wow I'm weird.
I'm a kid.
Not really.
I'm a teenager in age.
But each day,
I come home.
And turn on channel 131.
At 5:30
For Little Bear.
It is my show.
I am in love with it.
And I cannot figure out why.
Same with Dora The Explorer.
And Madeline [5:30 AM wenesday mornings, channel 43]
I wear glow inthe dark dora the explorer bandaids.
And I'll never get tired of it.
I should also warn you.
Don't argue with me.
I will get my way.
I'll confuse you until I can see a way to win.
I'm a sore loser.
And I die for competition.
I love competing, no matter what in.
I can make anything, a word, a sentence, a picture hysterically funny, or funnily perverted.
I want to be a photographer or a musician when I get old.
Its more than I can say for poor Billie Bob joe Bob,
who forgot his life aspirations,
and fell down a well.
I was told "The Ring" was a romantic comedy.
And I laughed the whole way through it.
I get nightmares from the Disney movie "Jumanji"
I play Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2, but I'm not good at it.
I wouldn't mind being a makeup artist either.
I love doing peoples makeup.
Crazily, normally, or just everyday plane jane, outer edge of the eye in grey eyeliner, pale yet somehow natural lipstick with a tiny hint of clear gloss, and some barely noticable eyeshadow on top of the eyelid.
Its barely noticable, but when you put on foundation and concealer correctly,
can take away dark circles and blemishes, temporarily.
I've always wanted to be a bartender.
I have no idea why.
I mix sodas at the mall.
When they have their soda stands open so you can get your own.
I set my tray down in the middle, stretch and draw an audience.
I take my cup, and fill it with everything except ice.
I will never drink anything with ice in it.
But i will drink things cold.
I hate feet.
So much.
I'm not afraid of anything.
At all.
The way I see it, is.
Life is short enough.
Why waste what's left by cowering in fear?
Take a chance, and experience something no one else can.
I'm very shy, yet somehow extremley outgoing.
I wear makeup everyday
You will NEVER see me [if you do see me] without some makeup,
But most of it is barely noticable,
except for my eyeshadow and eyeliner.
Which keep me breathing.

I'm terribly sorry.
But I do not see how "Hey thing"
Works at all towards me.
All I do.
Is talk to the boy.
on a "everytime he signs on"
And he says
"Hey thing"
Oh, I'm editing his screen name out now
So none of you have it.
Cause I have no idea if you'd want it.
But he already has people on myspace, vampirefreaks, and a roleplayer person on livejournal as him, plus himself.
I don't think he wants random people IMing him.
Well, thats kind of what I did
I got his screenname.
[I have my ways.]
And IM'd him one day.
And we just talk like normal people.
About music, our lives, what we do, and music.
I never tell people how old I really am.
But I'm no 5406824 year old obese woman on her computer trying to express herself through the livejournal/myspace/vampirefreaks/whateverelse of a teenager.
My age is however my mood is that day.
I think I'm 89
Because I'm exhausted.
And I fell down the stairs and hurt my hip,
And It feels like my hip is going out.
Which thoroughly sucks.
I haven't even had a mid-life crisis yet!
I do want kids.
I see absolutley no problem in pre-marital sex.
Its up to the do-ers,
Not the watchers.
You just have to own-up to what you do.
If you get pregnant,
Its your fault for not taking every method not to, or for having sex in the first place
And you have to deal with it.
Oh, I love rumors.
I think they're hysterical
The sick, twisted minds of some people.
Honestly, I must really be loved.
I've had so many startted about me.
To think, all the time the starters spent on me.
Its..oh, its just too much!
Ifeel like a celebrity.
Only, no mini-mufffin baskets on my table.
There would be though.
If I owned a table.
I don't own anything.
Not even this computer.
I write alot.
That's not even my life story.
Or half or about me.
I'll put up more later I suppose.
If you can stand reading anymore of my ramblings.

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6.22.06 - 11.09pm
[ mood | indifferent ]

After several attempts to pierce my lip, I'm getting tired of it and am gonna give up. I lost my ring, and I'm too lazy to try finding it. I'm supposed to go riding with Crystal and her little sister tomorrow because plans with Katy and Chelsea didn't work. But its cool. She's not my safety net, its just...okay, maybe she's my safety net. I don't know. I've been...weird lately. Who knows? I sure don't.

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